A fabulous oak finished, 1963 Tube Stereo/Radio/Record Player Console by Silvertone of Sears. The cabinet is in great condition but does have some age related marks to the top surface and is priced accordingly...it has been completely cleaned and dressed. The old grille cloth has been replaced with brand new Acoustone professional fabric and it looks stunning! It has a fully working serviced tuner that receives FM/AM stations loud and clear and new dial bulbs have been installed. Its quad output tube amplifier has also had a complete service and all electrolytic capacitors were replaced. It has a fully serviced cleaned and re-greased turntable, refurbished idler wheel, new motor mounts and a new needle has been added....all ready to play Dino! Although we all still want to hear our old vinyl through this great analog sound-cabinet, it also comes complete with Bluetooth installed so you can stream all your music in beautiful rich, retro-stereo through it's four speakers! You can go to this link to hear it play: https://youtu.be/VdVXinEFTr0 Dimensions: 31Hx54Wx18D Weight: Approx 210lbs Origin Zip code: NV 89002 Although previously noted, here is the 16 point service list: 1. Tuner/amplifier chassis is removed and all resistors checked. 2. Tubes and/or transistors are checked and any weak/faulty ones replaced with new. 3. All wax-paper capacitors are replaced and in most cases all electrolytic caps replaced. 4. All controls are cleaned with De-Oxit contact cleaner. 5. Dial facia bulbs are replaced with new. 6. Tuner cord is inspected and replaced if frayed. 7. Turntable is removed and mechanism cleaned and re-greased. 8. Spindle bearing is cleaned and re-greased. 9. Idler wheel is inspected and replaced if needed. 10. Motor mounts are checked and often replaced. 11. Motor is cleaned and armature bearings re-oiled. 12. Turntable is RPM checked to be at correct speed. 13. A new needle is installed and often a new cartridge. 14. Speakers are checked and faulty ones replaced with new. 15. Speaker cross-over caps are checked and often replaced. 16. Cabinet is cleaned, polished and completely dressed. Please visit www.mid-centurysound.com to view our other vintage audio services. Only the Stereo Console is for sale, all the other items are for photographic display only, they are not included. *Although I have personally serviced and made to the best of my abilities this unit safe and fully functional, no warranty is given or implied, you are buying an antique electrical machine. But you are guaranteed to receive a fully functioning working machine and all replaced parts are covered for 90 days. There is also an assumption that you are familiar with the basic operation of an automatic record changer. If not, do not hesitate to contact me for operational help. We can not be responsible for damage due to operator error. I strive to give as accurate a description as possible, but patina and age-related wear are to be expected with a 50 year old item. However, I will always indicate any noticeable defects.....I price my items on cabinet condition so please ask questions!* Inspection and collection is preferred but I can also deliver locally for reasonable cost, please enquire.