Is your turntable slow? Auto function not working? We can help!

As a restorer of Stereo Consoles, we also offer a restoration service for your Zenith, Magnavox, GE, RCA, Sears, BSR, Garrard, Grundig or Motorola turntable, just to list a few...

Here is the 10 point basic service list:

1. Turntable mechanism is removed, disassembled, professionally cleaned and re-greased.

2. Old spindle bearing is replaced with new race bearing.

3. Refurbished idler wheel is installed.

4. New drive belt and platter mounts installed. (Zenith Pro Series only)

5. Rubber motor mounts are replaced with new.

6. New Molex A/C relay switch is installed. (Zenith)

7. Motor is cleaned and armature bearings re-oiled.

8. Turntable is RPM checked to be at correct speed.....+/- 3% is factory spec.

9. A new needle is installed.

10. A new aftermarket stylus brush is added. (Zenith)

Turnaround for a basic service is a week, 2 to 3 weeks for a more involved restoration.

Cartridges, platter mats, seized motors etc. are extra, so please inquire about pricing.