All our restorations, solid state or tube, are Bluetooth enabled and go through an extensive check process, here are just a few.....

1. Tuner/amplifier chassis is removed and all resistors checked.

2. Tubes and/or transistors are checked and any weak/faulty ones replaced with new.

3. All wax-paper capacitors are replaced and in most cases all electrolytic caps replaced.

4. All controls are cleaned with De-Oxit contact cleaner.

5. Dial glass is removed and cleaned.

6. Dial facia bulbs are replaced with new.

7. Tuner cord is inspected and replaced if frayed.

8. Turntable is removed and mechanism cleaned and re-greased.

9. Spindle bearing is cleaned and re-greased.

10. Idler wheel is inspected and replaced if needed.

11. Motor mounts are replaced.

12. Motor is cleaned and armature bearings re-oiled.

13. Turntable is RPM checked to be at correct speed.

14. A new needle is installed and often a new cartridge.

15. Speakers are checked and faulty ones replaced with new. 

16. Cabinet is cleaned, polished and completely dressed.

If you don't see a stereo console you like, we will endeavor to find the right one for you...